Meet Chris Rinaldi, RMT

Chris began her Reiki  journey in 1997 at a public Reiki share in East Hampton Long Island, NY. After receiving a brief treatment, the effect for her was immediate and profound. Chris experienced an intense emotional release and her passion for Reiki and spiritually based healing work was ignited. ​

Chris extensively studied numerous spiritual and energetic healing systems while living and traveling abroad. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Long Island University, Friends World Program, with a concentration in Esoteric Studies and the Human Energetic Anatomy.

Chris received her 1st degree Reiki attunements in 2002 in the Usui Healing System by Reiki Master-Teacher, Rhonda Blunden, in London, England.  Her second degree and Master-Teacher training is in the Quan Yin School of Reiki healing taught by Reiki Master-Teacher, Catelena Shephard in Leicester, NC in 2014. Chris underwent additional training in Holy Fire II Reiki with Bryce Goebel in 2017.

After becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher, it became clear to Chris that working with Reiki was part of her life's purpose, specifically in the context of mental wellness. Chris, personally experienced a significant shift in her own recovery as Reiki became one of the main tenets in her life. She is a passionate supporter of the recovery movement, a participant in Project Semicolon, and is a North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist.

​Chris enjoys working with a wide variety of clients, from those seeking renewal and stress relief to those who are in active recovery from trauma or addiction.  In addition to her private practice, Chris volunteers her Reiki services at Helios Warriors, a non-profit organization offering holistic therapies to veterans and their families.

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Chris' Healing Philosophy 

My healing philosophy is one of meeting you "where you you are..." with total acceptance. I honor all paths and the experiences that have made you the person you are. Reiki is a spiritually guided  energy and will always heal you for your highest good.  I turn the healing over to the Reiki energy, and most importantly, to you.  

A practitioner is merely a tool on your personal healing journey. I honor each client as a teacher on my own journey. 

where you are...

    as you are...