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Book an appointment with Return To Balance With Reiki using SetMore

 Those of us that are consciously "in recovery" (because we are ALL in recovery from something!)  have a unique gift that many others do not have. It is the gift of knowing ourselves. We are not just aware of our internal challenges...

We own our challenges, we engage with them and we are winning. 

We have all learned, probably the hardest possible way, that self care and a support network are cricitcally necessary to keep ourselves on the path. We have organized our lives in such a way to support us during challenging times and we work really hard to avoid situations and people that may create struggles for us. We are required to assess our state of being on a very regular basis and take active steps to keep us in a state of balance. 

 Recovery is a journey... and Reiki can be a road

But, being in recovery can also feel like the background music that plays in our lives sounds a little different from others. Sometimes it loses it's shine and being in recovery can feel isolating. We reject ourselves, we disconnect, and taking each breath feels like a herculean effort. You are not alone. 

Reiki provides support for recovery by engaging with

all aspects of you...

mind, body and spirit. 

Reiki deeply relaxes the body, providing much needed relief from feelings of physical discomfort or symptoms of anxiety.

Reiki gently opens your emotional centers, allowing you safe access to challenging feelings, facilitating their movement. 

Reiki calms the mind, shifting negative self talk into life affirming, positive thoughts.

Reiki connects us spiritually to our Higher Source, no matter what your individual belief system is.


Reiki is simply Love

and receiving unconditional love and acceptance is 


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