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​​"I am so tired..."

Whether you care for others as a professional or within your personal life, giving of ourselves can deplete us. When we feel nourished and centered, we are able to give our very best self to others. Our families, clients, friends, and  even the strangers at the store benefit. We feel proud of who we are, what we do, and the light we shine into the world.

"I've reached my limit..." 

But, what about when we forget to place ourselves as a priority on that "to care for list"? When we feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the ever increasing demands placed upon us by work and family? What happens to us when our lives make us feel chronically over extended and caring no longer feels like a joy? When we become empty vessels?

" I don't have anything left to give..." 

We begin to breakdown. Our bodies ache, we are tired, and become sick more often. Irritability and frustration bleed into our days and depression or anxiety can creep in. We loose sleep, we stress about money, we fight with our spouses and yell at our kids. We are not present with our clients or friends. We may feel lost and privately struggle with feelings of self doubt and inadequacy. 

Reiki rests the body 

Stress hormones are created by the body by being in the "fight or flight" response state. When we are depleted, we move more quickly towards a stressed state, even over minor daily annoyances. 
Reiki supports our physical body by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system. Our physical body drops into a deep relaxed state and automatically begins repairing itself.  Our immune system strengthens, blood pressure drops, digestion improves and our brain waves regulate.

Reiki clears the mind

Reiki effectively bridges the mind-body connection. ​​During a Reiki session, the brainwaves of the recipient regulate into an Alpha state, which is associated with deep meditation. These synchronized brainwaves travel along the perineurial pathways, communicating to the body to move into a relaxed state. The long term benefits of a regular mediative practice can include increased emotional stability and enhanced compassion.  

Reiki refills your emotional cup

The emotional healing aspect of Reiki is enormous. Clients have reported anger and frustration clearing, increased peacefulness and feelings of elation. Just as you hold space for others, Reiki holds space for you. A session can facilitate in opening your heart center and in releasing feelings that are no longer serving you. Great personal insight can be gained and positive solutions formulated for any personal challenges you may be experiencing  Reiki can be used as a complementary healing technique for those who have suffered traumas or struggle with depression and anxiety. 

Taking care of yourself allows you to take care of others. 

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"Self Care is not selfish.

You cannot serve from an empty vessel" 


                                                                                                                                                                                -- Eleanor Brownn

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